We support the customer since the establishment of the company, verifying the most suitable and convenient type of company for the activity to be undertaken.

We understand the business project to be developed, in order to recommend the corporate model to be adopted. Implementation, verification and evaluation of the corporate governance system.

Within our team there are lawyers who follow the entire contract department necessary for the establishment of relationships with third parties, whether they are employees, suppliers, customers or credit institutions.

Rich experience in assisting cooperatives, including social ones within the third sector.

We monitor the pursuit of the mutual purpose by presenting the customer with the most suitable tax regime for the intrinsic characteristics of the business.

We assist the Cooperative in managing the exit of members from the corporate structure and the entry of new members with relative updating of the members' register.

We take care of the allocation of the portion of the annual profits to funds for the promotion and development of cooperation or directly to the Ministry of Productive Activities.

We interface with the supervisory bodies that carry out ordinary periodic reviews, prepare all the necessary documentation and take care of the required formalities.


  • Constitution, modification and dissolution of companies
  • Management of relations with the Revenue Agency and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Preparation of electronic invoicing
  • Contract law
  • Dispute Resolution

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Among the professional firms, we at Studio Pellizzer & Partners distinguish ourselves because we are not
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