Extraordinary operations

Our corporate law consultancy guides the client in solving problems, in the search for the best growth project and in the development of a corporate restructuring.
Over the years we have gained varied and qualified experience in carrying out extraordinary transactions: company transfers, company transfers, company or individual branch leasing, transformation, demerger, merger, acquisition, liquidation, capital increase or reduction social.


  • Evaluation and planning of the extraordinary operation, both nationally and internationally
  • Advice and assistance on contracts
  • Consulting in relations between shareholders and the company
  • Assistance in relations between the company and the corporate bodies
  • Due diligence for company valuations, company shares, shares or business units
  • Preparation and certification of appraisals for civil and tax purposes
  • Planning and implementation of generational transitions
  • Evaluation of the economic value of the company

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Among the professional firms, we at Studio Pellizzer & Partners distinguish ourselves because we are not
a mere aggregation of independent professionals but a group that usually addresses the needs of each client together.