Internationalization is a necessity for today's business

Companies, from the smallest to the largest, are forced to operate in increasingly international contexts. The many years of experience of the founding member on the Board of Directors of the International Association IAG (International Association of Lawyers and Accountants) has allowed him to acquire experience in consultancy in various foreign countries, developing an effective collaboration with qualified professional firms of lawyers and accountants in over 60 foreign countries.

We assist both the national client who intends to develop beyond the borders, and the foreign client who wishes to invest in Italy, enhancing the peculiarity of their business.

We provide our experience in the due diligence phase, negotiation, planning, establishment of the corporate structure, implementation of the investment and subsequent management. We guarantee assistance to foreign citizens in case of need for asset transfers, income management in Italy, declarations of foreign assets.


  • Taxation of international operations
  • Formation of companies abroad
  • Incorporation of companies in Italy (branch, subsidiary, joint venture)
  • Transfer pricing
  • International groups
  • Consolidated financial statements

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Among the professional firms, we at Studio Pellizzer & Partners distinguish ourselves because we are not
a mere aggregation of independent professionals but a group that usually addresses the needs of each client together.